RSVP Volunteers Give Throw-Aways New Life

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency estimated at least 3 million tons of solid waste was disposed of in 2013. They also estimate that with a greater emphasis laced on recycling, this number could be lowered by over 1 million tons.

In that spirit, the city of Elk River recently began holding “Fix-It Clinics”. Community members are invited to bring broken items destined for the landfill to these clinics to be fixed by volunteers. The Greater St. Cloud Area Retired and Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) volunteers with skills in electronics, mechanics, electricity, woodworking and sewing gather at the clinic, ready to fix whatever might come in the door.

RSVP coordinated over 20 volunteers for the two clinics held in 2015. The clinics were deemed a success by Environmental Technician, Kristin Mroz, who coordinates the clinics for the City of Elk River. Of the 75 items brought to the clinic, 58 were fixed by the volunteers, which equates to 82% of the items by weight. This effort spared a total of 390 pounds from the landfill!

Thank you, RSVP volunteers!!

-Jacquie Willis